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Apply for WCS+DM


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1.Nick - Winsis32 apply for WCS+DM


3,4.All profile information is filled


6.I play only after work with time range from 19:00 till 2:00 I play every day in this range ... its perfect stress discharger.

7.I know how to use SourceMod

8.I havent administration right in other server but i've an experience


10.To change maps. Every night server population goes lowers Sometime we play on huge maps (2-3 players on inferno). When admin is gone we just wait till map time end and we choose smaler map. This is my general reason to ask for administration rights.

11.I'm IN.

12.Yes i read all terms of use (too late but i read them all)


I hope my requiest for administration right to be accepted.

Have a nice day and thanks for your time !

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Егор Даров


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Given the fact that you are from Bulgaria, and the server is targeted at Russian, will be a big misunderstanding, you will face great difficulties.
Should I take you? This is a difficult question .
Think well, we will follow you)
Ask questions if something interested, or that it is not clear!

  1. Живу не тужу


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Thanks for fast answer,

All depend on you. You decide to accept or not my request.

Yes, I'm from Bulgaria and i use english because i just cant understand all on russian. 

I like to play in Mr. GIG server with or without administration right ;) I told you the main reason for asking for administration rights :)

Have a nice day and thanks for your time !



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Не спорьте с дураками!!!
Они опустят Вас до своего уровня, а потом задавят опытом!!!
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